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You know your lawn needs a boost, but have you ever considered poking thousands of small holes into it to help stimulate growth? That's exactly what lawn aeration does! Robards & Sons Lawn Care Inc. is your local source for superior lawn aeration.


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•  Commercial

•  Residential

•  Core aeration - process of making  

   thousands of small holes in the turf

•  Allows fertilizer, air, and water to reach the

   root zone quicker



Expert lawn aeration

•  Improving new growth and root  


•  Opens up soil, reduce soil compaction and

   thatch buildup

•  Single pass aeration

•  Double pass aeration

•  Double pass aeration and seed

With all of these small holes in the turf of your lawn air, water and applied fertilizer has a greater chance of reaching the roots. It reduces soil compaction and thatch build up and improves root development and growth.

Improve the look of your lawn

A healthy, vibrant lawn is possible