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Pests can infiltrate even the tiny openings in your home, but you may not notice until you see them crawling across your floors and countertops. Don't let your home be taken over - call Robards & Sons Lawn Care Inc. for perimeter pest control.

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•  Commercial and residential

•  Applied 3 times a year

•  Sprayed on the exterior of your home

•  3 feet out from the foundation and 1 foot up on the foundation

Pest control services

•  Helps keep unwanted pests from invading

   your home

•  Odorless, colorless, very low toxicity to

   family and pets

•  No harm to soil, flower, bushes

A safe option for your property

Safely  keep insects away! We spray the foundation of your home three times a year with a low toxic, odorless and colorless insect repellent which keeps insects out.

Stay protected from insect invasions

Keep insects out of your home

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